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Covid-19 | Prevention

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

ENGLISH _ google translation

Covid-19 Prevention and Information - Hotel David update of 15 October 2020.

Here are brief instructions to read before entering our hotel.

By accessing the hotel, you declare that you have read the following document.

To protect all our customers and staff, some services have been modified.

All of the rules below must BE COMPLETELY FOLLOWED by customers.

We want to reassure all people, even the most fragile, that we have done our utmost for their safety and that they can also RELAX during their stay.

For "rebellious" customers 😊 little careful to respect the rules ...

we believe that this is not the time for you to travel or in any case it is not the right time to come to us. For us, ethics and respect for all people come before profit.



(remember that unfiltered fabric only masks are practically useless and not CE compliant)


(our children wear them without any problem))

• THE MASK MUST ALWAYS BE WEARED ALSO IN THE PARKING, GARDEN, BREAKFAST ROOM, EVERYWHERE. - It is forbidden to leave the room without wearing a mask.


do not leave the room and notify the staff.

This property is taking steps to protect the health of guests and staff. Therefore, some services have been modified, reduced or unavailable.

It is accessed indoors with a mask, hand sanitization with gel, keeping a distance of 1 meter.

Common areas are frequently washed and sanitized throughout the day.

All unnecessary paper material has been removed.

Signage to indicate to guests the behavior to adopt.

Written documentation of the daily cleaning performed.

Fast Check-In and Check-Out, Contact Less and Apple-Pay payments.

Elevator cleaned and sanitized frequently based on the influx of our guests. Button panel sanitized frequently.

Disinfectant gel dispenser at the elevator entrance.

Access to the lift for several people if only part of the same family unit.

Long ventilated rooms.

Air conditioning systems in the rooms sanitized upon departure of the guest.

Remote controls, telephones and switches are sanitized daily.

Sanitization of all contact surfaces in the rooms with disinfectants registered at the Ministry of Health as a Medical Surgical Device (alcohol at 70% concentration, hydrogen peroxide at 0.5%, sodium hypochlorite at 0.1% -0.5 %).

Bed linen and towels washed with specific detergents at high temperatures.

Ozone sanitation system.

Dry saturated steam sanitizing system with added sanitizer.

Three rooms for breakfast: bedroom, breakfast room, terrace. All rooms and furnishings are sanitized and sanitized regularly. Hot and cold drink dispensers sanitized several times. Dishes and cutlery washed and disinfected in the dishwasher at temperatures of at least 60 ° C.

Tablecloths washed with specific detergents at high temperatures.

If necessary use disposable items such as paper napkins, eco-friendly products are always used.

The breakfast buffet service is not allowed at the moment and the food will be served exclusively by our staff always wearing a mask. Food and breakfast times are booked in advance.

Our staff always wear the mask even in areas reserved for staff.


In implementation of these measures, we inform you that entry is NOT allowed:

  • if you tested positive for Covid-19 or are in the period of an enforced quarantine;

  • if you have been in contact with a case of Covid-19 in the last 14 days, or if you are coming from WHO designated risk areas;

  • if you have a temperature (above 37.5°C) or other flu symptoms. ​​


If these symptoms start after entering the facility, you must promptly inform the company manager, taking care to stay at an appropriate distance from other people, and notify your doctor and the health authority.

By entering the facility, you undertake to comply with all the provisions of the Authorities and the rules of the company, and in particular to keep social distancing, wear a face mask when necessary and observe correct hygiene behaviour.

News updated for entries into Italy from foreign countries. Continuously updated. link

News - in Hotel

  • October 2020 - HAPPY HOUR - suspended - more information here

  • October 2020 - BREAKFAST ROOM - closed. Customers can go to the breakfast room, order to the staff from the exposed but screened buffet and collect their full tray. Breakfast can only be consumed in the room.

  • October 2020 - PARKING AREA As almost all of our customers arrive by car, it is not possible to reserve a personal seat. However, the placed inside but you will be asked to leave the key at the reception. The personnel who will eventually have to access the car will use all preventive measures, such as a mask, gloves and nylon on seat. All customers who park are required to turn off the ventilation (hot or cold) inside the car upon arrival.

As requested by the Ministry of Health, we recommend installing the tracking application on your mobile phone IMMUNI. Safe application that allows tracking of any contacts at risk quickly and economically.

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