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Increase of the City Tax in Florence. April 2023.

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

We inform you that from 01 April 2023 the tourist tax of the Municipality of Florence,

will increase for all accommodation facilities (Hotels, Apartments, Campsites …)

For 3-star hotels like ours, it will go from the current Euro 4.50 to Euro 6.00.

The cost of Euro 6.00 is per night per person,

it is not paid beyond 7 nights and for children under 12 and other rare exceptions.

With our National Association of Hoteliers,

we have opposed as far as possible this increase which we all consider excessive and unjustified.

We remind you that hoteliers are in this case simple debt collectors on behalf of the Municipality. The fee is mandatory by law.

For any further clarification, you can contact the Municipality of Florence directly.

The tax in our Hotel can also be paid by credit card.

The commission for the payment is offered by us, as in this case too no reimbursement is foreseen by the municipality.

The tourist tax being mandatory, is automatically updated at the time of payment. If the old value of Euro 4.50 is shown in your reservation, IT will be IN ANY CASE updated by law to Euro 6.00.

Tassa di Soggiorno del Comune di Firenze
Tourist Tax - Florence

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