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8 + 1 services for free 

1 - buffet breakfast 


Every morning, from 07:30 to 10:00, on the first floor of our hotel our breakfast is served in the dining room and on the pleasant outdoor terrace.

All the products are of quality and continuously selected also according to the seasons.
All our brioches and desserts come from a famous Florentine pastry shop.
Cold cuts and cheeses with different types of bread.
For those who prefer a more international breakfast, they will find good scrambled eggs and bacon.
Fruit and fruit salad according to the seasons.
Different types of juices.

For those who are intolerant to gluten , special products are available.
We also have specific products for Vegans and Vegetarians .
Allergies and special diets must be indicated to the staff, in advance, in order to allow us to also select fresh products prepared for you.

2 - minibar 


Inside each room you will find our minibar
All soft drinks, such as still and sparkling water, beer and fizzy drinks are free and restocked daily.

3 - bars

We want our guests to feel at home.

At any time of the day you can use our automatic machine at the bar and have a good coffee, cappuccino or tea. For free.

Welcome and enjoy relaxing!



In our pleasant garden, every day from 7 to 8 we offer our aperitif.
A good Tuscan red or white wine, beer, fruit juices accompanied by delicious dishes prepared every day according to the season.
Crisps, tarali and peanuts obviously cannot be missing.
Even for celiacs or vegetarians, vegans we have small samples specially prepared for them.
If you let us know in advance, it will be a pleasure for us to prepare something special and fresh.

4 - car parking


Free parking for your car.
It is not possible to reserve a personal car parking spot.
The place will still be inside but you will be asked to leave the key at the reception.

The staff who access the cars are professional and trained.

By being able to move the cars we are able to guarantee a place for everyone.

We remind you that this service is completely free.


The personnel who will eventually have to access the car will use all the preventive measures against covid-19 such as mask, gloves and nylon on the seat.


ATTENTION - All customers who park are required to turn off the ventilation (hot or cold) inside the car upon arrival and to eliminate any particularly contagious object such as used handkerchiefs.

5 - quality soaps


In our rooms you will find dispensers with quality soaps. Hand soap, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner.
We have long since replaced single-dose products with dispensers because in our ethics we try to contribute to saving in the use of plastic. A small hotel produces thousands of small plastic packages for soaps in a year. With dispensers all this is avoided.
Our soaps are produced in Tuscany with quality raw materials. Because the comfort of customers is not only in the room but also in what they use.

6 - wifi


The WiFi connection is now essential for every traveler. A free connection is guaranteed to all our customers. The coverage has been properly checked and professionally measured in each room of the hotel.
We also have two providers of different companies to avoid even temporary blocks.

7 - internet corner


In our living room you will find an iMac at your disposal also connected to a printer to print any tickets or boarding passes. We hope to make you feel at home

8 - traveling with pets


We want to reassure those who travel with animals and those who are allergic to some animals.
Our hotel has always welcomed animals and their owners.
These furry friends are now part of the families of many of our customers around the world and therefore also part of our family.
Do not worry, they will certainly be welcomed by us, also for the experience of the animals that we ourselves have in our homes.

We also want to reassure those who are particularly allergic to animal hair.
In our hotel, cleanliness is a fundamental part of our welcome. Check out the reviews on the many traveler sites.
The rooms assigned to furry guests are always the same and in any case our sanitation and sanitation are at very high levels and we also use ozonators and dry sapturo steam.
So we can guarantee clean rooms always and in any case.

9 - smiling staff


Yes, the smile to our staff never fails.
We enjoy our work very much and have fun as well.

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