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Covid-19 - indications - September 2023

INDICATIONS | Covid-19 Positive or suspected positive for Covid?Calm! Our staff can help you.Available free of charge, 1 swab and mask.

As indicated by the Italian Ministry of Health, in case of positivity with symptoms,

stay in your room, avoid going out and avoiding any contact with other people.In the presence of other people, wear a mask. 😷

The person sharing the accommodation with you is also asked to behave appropriately.If you need us, the receptionist answers the phone at number 9, 24 hours a day.

Avoid places shared with other people.

We can bring you a full breakfast in your room and also an evening aperitif.Remember that for some people, for some hotel customers on holiday like you, for some members of our staff or their family members, covid-19 can be dangerous.Also remember that the functioning of the Hotel itself depends on your behavior.

Please show the utmost respect for others.


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