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No Mail Marketing - Respect for personal data

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Working in a hotel we have the daily pleasure of conversing with our customers from all over the world. Long conversations and exchanges of experiences and opinions.

Often from these long chats interesting reflections arise and this time too we have undertaken, thanks to this exchange, a new initiative.

No Mail Marketing is our new campaign.

Yes, our hotel will not use your email address for advertising communications, but only for messages relating to your reservation.

In recent years, in our opinion, the use of mail marketing has become too insistent, not very honest, too frequent and not very interesting.

The continuous frenetic offer of new technologies certainly simplifies some complex procedures, making them accessible to all but inevitably no one has the time for adequate learning and for their correct use.

So it happens that a good opportunity turns into a problem.

We want to continue to have a direct relationship with our customer and we support a conscious and respectful use of new technologies.

We will communicate our news through our blog or our social networks and you will decide when and how to read any of our news.

Thus keeping your personal data safe.

Greetings from ... Marketing Director!


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