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- 15% | Save Now with Hotel David

We are an independent hotel, a small family-run business since 1958.

An authentic Florentine reality, managed by Florentines.

Many years have passed since our family began to welcome tourists from all over the world. Since those days many things have changed. Of the many positive changes, many were also negative ones.

Unfortunately many small businesses like ours, many small quaint shops, have disappeared from our beautiful city. Big companies now dominate any market and often dominate it also because they are allowed very questionable and certainly unethical financial strategies. We have decided to keep our identity, our family management, we have not invented any company in tax havens and we are proud to be part of the economy of our neighborhood, city, country.

We are part of the city and we want to grow and contribute with it, here, now.

For over two years we have decided to offer only our customers who book directly on our website a 15% price reduction.


We could choose between a discount to our customer who appreciates us for who we are,

or overpaying a commission to some large company, in some tax haven (which therefore does not contribute to the growth of any country), also giving them an excessive contractual power that will almost certainly lead to mismanagement and the disappearance of some small reality. In our ethics of economic sustainability, by encouraging direct sales, we will be able to be increasingly independent from misleading economies to the downside and therefore doomed to failure. If you also share our principles, you are with the right people, book directly on our website. The discount is real. Honestly it is not a gift but simply the 15% commission that we will otherwise pay to some company.

For us it is a courageous and expensive choice but we are sure that customers will reward us as always, in our ethical choices.

We believe in a return to a virtuous, sustainable economy.

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