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Earth Day | Hotel David | Florence

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Amazzonia - Brasile | © Hotel David A wonderful opportunity for everyone, but even more wonderful for those who - like us - work with the whole world, for you and above all with you. Recent events have shown us that anything that happens on the opposite side of the Earth affects us all. "Can the flutter of a butterfly in Brazil cause a tornado in Texas?" Scientists wondered at a famous world conference in 1972. The answer is yes, and the so-called 'butterfly effect' is now under the eyes of all… For years, our corporate mission has faced us with difficult challenges to become ethical entrepreneurs, for whom profit is not the only goal. According to our philosophy, success is measured not only wi

Foresta Amazzonica - Brasile - foto © Hotel David
Amazzonia - Brasile | © Hotel David

th money, but also with the contribution that the company can bring to society. We still have a lot to do, because as always our goals are truly ambitious. So what better time than this, to share our dreams with you? • We dream of a company where the staff is composed more of people, with their baggage of unique and unrepeatable experiences, than simple collaborators. • We dream of a company that respects the environment, looking for new solutions every day for the least impact on our beloved Earth. • We dream of a company that respects different cultures, religions and ideas, because it is in diversity that true wealth is found. • We dream of a solidarity company, because it is in the need of the other that the opportunity is hidden to be happy everyone. • We dream of a company that respects animals and any living thing. • We dream of a company that does not see a consumer in the customer, but a person with whom to share our idea of ​​experience rather than product. Because of the heinous virus we lost one of the greatest contemporary writers, from whom we borrow an inspiring thought: “We must be able to imagine in which world and society we want to live, and if we want to be citizens or consumers. Happiness is a human right ”, Luis Sepulveda. Maybe we won't be able to do everything we are dreaming of, or maybe we will, but we know for sure that it will still be wonderful to share this journey with all of you.


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