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Save energy. Save the environment.

Following the serious water and climate emergency in Europe and in the world, we have some advice.

Many guests who have stayed in this HOTEL before you have chosen to help the environment by using some simple measures to avoid wasting electricity. Join them!

  • Do not overdo the air conditioning, also to protect your health. Adjust the room temperature to be a few degrees higher or lower than the outside temperature. Minimum temperature indicated by the European Commission of 26 ° C. Not less.

  • Close the windows when the air conditioning is on.

  • Do not use the blanket with the air conditioning on. It is a very costly nonsense to the environment and not respectful for future generations. Sleep only with a sheet, it will not be necessary to set the air conditioner to very low temperatures, harmful to your health and the environment. Sleeping with the air conditioning on and the blanket is like wearing a winter jacket :) in a car in summer and set the air conditioning to minimum.

  • When leaving the room, remember to turn off all lights and air conditioning.

FEDERALBERGHI in ITALY also recommends:

Risparmia energia. Salva l'ambiente - verticale - strutture senza domotica
Download PDF • 90KB


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