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Heating in hotels - New law October 2022 Italy - winter 2022 - 2023

Due to the two very serious CRISIS that affect the entire planet

(no country in the world excluded)

ENERGY (due to the ongoing war)


CLIMATE (due to the disastrous environmental situation)

the Ministry of Ecological Transaction

requires that hotels contain their energy consumption,

allowing the switching on of the heating system only

after 08 November 2022 (until 7 April) - indicated for FLORENCE

for no more than 11 hours a day

and weighted average temperature of 19 ° C (degrees centigrade)

with a tolerance of 2 ° C

Similar initiatives have been taken throughout the European Community.

In our hotel, we have always managed to combine customer comfort with the highest levels of respect for the environment, thanks to many of our initiatives.

For example, we remind you that for years we have completely eliminated single-dose soaps, with savings for the environment of tens of thousands of plastic containers.

We now have a new challenge!

This new challenge is also a commitment to solidarity and respect,

towards those who are much more disadvantaged in this period.

The customer is therefore only asked to behave appropriately to the situation:

- do not request air conditioning in winter

it is a contradiction that is truly harmful to the environment, prohibited, disastrous for the scarce world energy reserves, useless ... just open the window.

In Italy in the winter the temperatures are well below what an air conditioner at maximum power can offer.


hot? turn off the radiator and open the window! :)

- do not request temperatures higher than those established by law.

Many customers require particularly high temperatures in the rooms,

enough to have to be without clothes or to have to turn on the ventilation.

Current conditions no longer allow it.

We continuously monitor the temperature of the rooms. We therefore know when the room reaches its comfort temperature. Do not worry. We take care of everything.

Furthermore, the good thermal insulation of the rooms and the automatically managed heating will allow you a very pleasant stay.

Thanks also for your commitment.

Together, with everyone's commitment,

we are confident that we will also overcome these global crises.

In the hope that they are the beginning of a new environmental awareness

to which we have always cared a lot.

We wish everyone a future of peace and serenity,

and we remain available for any further clarification.


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